Heads up! The Discord puzzle maker, and the puzzles it makes, might not look or work quite right on mobile devices! We recommend you come on back when you're on a larger screen, but YMMV!

Make a pixel puzzle to share on Discord!

Design a pixel puzzle, including filled squares and hint numbers, in the space on the left. Click the button below to generate code to share on Discord. When you paste it into a Discord message, the squares will appear in spoiler tags, so anyone you send it to can click the squares to solve it right in chat!

🔢 Keep character count in mind! Discord's character limit is only 2000, so you may need to copy and paste the puzzle in pieces. Paste each piece into one message, and then hit send!

🧩 This just generates the Discord code, it doesn't check whether the puzzle is actually solvable. You can try the Teal Nonagram Solver for that!

Special thanks to the Discord Minesweeper Generator for inspiration!

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